Who is Jejtek?    Eric Jaffe established Jejtek in 1999, a full service IT consulting firm with a reputation of excellence, performance, and innovation. We provide the following services: custom programming, network repair, network relocation, database programming, network security & monitoring, along with many other technical tasks in and around sunny South Florida. The idea was to bring the same Systems Administrator type experience & attention that the big companies have, without the high cost. By outsourcing your technical tasks, we do what we love all day for many companies, while you only pay for the time were are on site or supporting your systems. By cutting your IT labor costs down to about 10 or 20 percent the bulk of your IT budget is now spent on up to date hardware/software, allowing your business to keep moving forward. For the last fifteen years Jejtek has been known to spending countless hours dedicated to engineering solutions for the never ending supply of network related problems. Our commitment to you and your organization is unparalleled in this industry. We are here to help you grow your business.
We are here to help you grow your business.

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