Jejtekprovides both Linux and Windows solutions to our IT clients all over the world. We use a mixture of onsite, remote and automation to make this possible. Our equipment protects clients 24/7 from IT threats giving a balance of security and functionality for their networks. The proper setup and use of Firewalls, Routers, Switches, network design and installation, logging, and security testing allow our clients to both enjoy a safe environment for completing their work and the logging/monitoring needed to track, apprehend, or block hackers from using up your valuable resources.

Jejtek understands the need to be up-to-date on all aspects of IT. A stable infrastructure is the foundation for a forward moving business, your computers and equipment should work plain and simple. We offer wired and wireless network installation, sever/workstation trouble shooting, database design and management and more. Knowing the difference in the various types of hardware and software available to you is the Jejtek difference. Jejtek will opt to select the correct solution, instead of the one that makes the most profit for us unlike most companies in this field. Our 15 years in the business, thousands of hours in the field, a great multi Operating System knowledge along with knowing when to use each, keeps Jejtek an unstoppable force in selecting and protecting your investment.
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