Surveillance Jejtek over the years has designed and installed many surveillance systems to visually monitor homes and or offices all over Florida. We work with local alarm vendors
and locksmiths providing complete security solutions for your home or office. Simply put if you want to record it, Jejtek will provide the means.
In today's world you have many things to keep your attention. Included on this list are watching your children, overseeing your employees, and trying to prevent theft from your home and or office. To efficiently do this you would need eyes in the back of your head. Our line of DVRs and surveillance equipment not only make thispossible but an uncomplicated task. 24 hours a day the DVR will record video and or audio from the cameras on and around your property. This video can be viewed live or remotely from any standard PC. Our DVRs come standard with a DVD burner to backup data for archiving or later viewing by authorities, and a huge drive to record at minimum two weeks of data, preferably thirty days if it is an option. You can do this on your own or can select to have your data backed up by a professional, if and when the time comes with a dataretrieval service plan for additional charge. The video feed will simply overwrite itself after a pre selected amount of time, meaning the system is self sufficient. Not all cameras are created equally. When planning a cctv install you have make many decisions for a quality shot of the location in question. Some of these decisions are, the type of the lens, the manufacture of the lens, the housing for the lens. Then there are the day-night questions as to how many led are sufficient to see what I would like to see at night or in a low light situation, do you need color day and night or color day black and white night? How are the cameras powered? Will you be getting a professional power distribution box or simply have mini transformers all over the place? What cable will be used in the install? Are the cameras weather proof or indoor only? I have not even begun to dive into the different types of DVR equipment out there. With all these options it is important to do your homework and if you don't understand your options hire a professional to purchase the equipment and plan the install for you. Spending a few dollars the first time means there won’t be a second time.
Jejtek will guide you with your purchase making the right choice to last for years to come. Jejtek has completed many installs in the south Florida area and has hundreds of satisfied customers. Our camera's and equipment are nationally recognized, the quality and ease of use was demonstrated on the Discovery channel tv series, It Takes A Thief. The show demonstrated the benefit of having your own cctv solution to prevent theft and provide help in capturing criminals when a theft occurs on your property. Our installs are competitively priced and professionally planned. The installation of security equipment should be based not solely on price, but knowledge and quality of the equipment as well.
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